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    How a Bill Becomes a Law

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    How a Bill Becomes a Law

    1) I have to make an interaction with the "How a Bill Becomes a Law" media piece.

    2) View the "Bill to Law Process," and then "Find a Representative."

    3) When finished watching the media piece, I have to complete the "Legislative Assignment."


    "Influencing Health Care in the Legislative Arena" by Abood, from The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (2007)

    "Mastering the Art of Politics" by Dailey, from Pennsylvania Nurse (2008)

    "Power Dynamics, Health Policy, and Politics" by Hahn, from MEDSURG Nursing (2009)

    Read "Political Advocacy, Anyone?" located on The American Nurse Web site at http://www.theamericannurse.org/index.php/2011/06/01/political-advocacy-anyone/

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    The first step in the process of making a bill into a law is for a Senator or House of Representatives member to introduce a bill that will hopefully eventually become the law or legal code that is desired. In reference to healthcare, this initial process is the same as for any other form of legislation, and Senators or Representatives often introduce healthcare related bills due to the preference that is shown for the inaction of a new law by their constituents, as well as the public at large in many cases. The next step in the process of making a bill into a law, is that the bill will be introduced to a special committee or subcommittee, and these committees usually make the determination as to whether or not a bill will pass on to the next stage of the legislative process through specialized hearings, or decide if there will need to be changes made to the bill in order to make it fit to be passed along to the next stage of this process.

    After these hearings by either the committee or subcommittee, a formal report is drawn up concerning the bill that provides a description of the overall purpose of the ...