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    The Creation of U.S. Laws

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    1.) Examine and evaluate the creation of U.S. Laws.
    2.) What special considerations should be taken into account during the creation of laws.

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    1.) Examine and evaluate the creation of U.S. Laws.
    In the United States, laws are at made at different levels in connection with a government entity (Snyder, 2012). Cities, counties, states and the federal government all make laws. At the legislative level, laws are created through Congress and or state legislative body.
    Laws usually begin as an idea or an issue. And at the city and county laws, it can begin as an idea or discussion at a city council meeting and county commission meeting. The proposed law is sometimes read once, and then a date is set for public debate (Snyder, 2012). And once it is publicly debated it is either amended or a preliminary approval is given. Laws sometimes include a date on which it will be enacted. State laws are created by the state's governing body, whether it is legislative or governing body. Bills to be passed into laws begin with an idea or an issue is ...

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    This solution examines and evaluates the creation of U.S. laws and special considerations taken into account during the creation of them.