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Two fundamental principles of the U.S. system of government

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1. The Legal System and the Medical Environment

Create two to three paragraphs for each following, in your own words:

o Provide a description of the two fundamental principles on which the U.S. system of government was founded: federalism and checks and balances.
o Provide a description of each of the sources of law in the U.S. and the classifications of laws.
o Provide a breakdown the types of courts in the U.S. court system and outline the trial process.
Following your description, provide your understanding of how the legal system relates to the medical environment and what implications advancing medical technologies may have on the legal system.

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Two fundamental principles of the United States systems of governments are examined. The legal system and medical environments are examined.

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Legal System and the Medical Environment:

There are two fundamental principles in which the United States system of government was founded such as federalism and checks and balances. Federalism is a system which involves the act of power sharing between two or more governments which have authority over the same individuals within the same geographical location. In the U.S, the governmental laws which are located in Washington D.C apply to every individual found within the geographical boundaries of the United States, while the laws which are stated and found within the 50 states applies to the residents of the relevant states. The congress is not provided with the power of abolishing federalism or state since the United States is considered as the central location for power and authority for both the state and the national government (Bodenhamer, 1993).

The United States Judicial system was founded under the system of checks and balances which aimed at separation of powers from the judicial system available within the United States government. The system was put in place to prevent the three available judicial branches from exercising their power and authority over other systems which had no exact same power. The three judicial branches include the legislative, executive and judicial. The system of checks and balances was put in place to reduce the power of the government in the United ...

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