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    Arizona Legislation Procedure

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    I am to do these seprately, but both in APA.
    I am looking for some help. I have already looked in my book and on line. Any other suggestions or help?
    Thank You in advance. :-)
    This is the assignment:
    Write a 250-500-word summary of various methods to introduce a law in the state of Arizona.
    Then prepare a 250-500-word discussion of an initiative or legislative bill that is currently being considered in the state of Arizona. Explain whether or not you support the initiative or bill.

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    Arizona Legislation Process

    Like any US State, the legislation Process followed in the State of Arizona mirrors that of the Federal system. The Arizona State has a bicameral body with 30 Senate members and 60 Congressional members; each district has a senator and 2 representatives. A bill is introduced by a member of this legislature, a grouping of theses members or a committee in the State's House of Representatives. The bill is then branded, subsequently assigned to be heard by members of the legislature and concerned committees via hearings, recommendations, conventions, etc. then a report is drafted re: the conditions of the bill to the Whole House which then proceeds to study the constitutionality of the bill and if it is 'proper' then the Committee on Rules places the bill on 'active calendar' where measures will be further considered. The Whole House assesses the bill and amendments and debates as well as further recommendations re: the bill happens. When this is done, a third roll call happens where all members must vote to pass it. If it does then it is passed on the Senate where it follows the same procedure as in the House of Representatives. If it passes the senate, it then is returned to the House of Representatives & if it is identical to the original bill from the house of Representatives and if they accept it then goes to the office ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive APA-format essay (992 words) that looks into the manner by which laws are legislated in the State of Arizona and provides an example of a current bill in legislation, the bill HB2001 also known as the Bill of Taxpayer voluntary contribution fund. Said sample bill is discussed for its merits and a perspective is provided as to whether or not it is necessary. A word version of the solution is provided. References are also listed.