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    English Only Debate in the Classroom

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    English-Only Debate Paper

    Compare and contrast both sides of the English-only issue and explain your position on the debate.

    (1) Use the Internet to research at least three to five states' voter-driven initiatives/laws relating to English language learner issues.

    (2) Compare and contrast each of those laws.

    (3) Explain the benefits as well as the challenges of each of those laws.

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    Wow, you've got quite the assignment! I'll try my best to give you some background that will hopefully get you up and running. I'll break up each of your bullets to make it easier for you.

    First, let's get an understanding of what the law means. The premise of English-only legislation is that all business interactions must be communicated in English. Examples include:
    a. Business meetings
    b. Town hall meetings
    c. Legal proceedings
    d. Education

    1. States that have English only voter initiatives or laws.

    a. Alabama
    b. New York
    c. Tennessee
    d. Wisconsin
    e. Texas

    In fact, at latest count, approximately 30 United States cities have "English Only" initiatives in the works.

    2. Comparisons

    A. In 2009, voters in Nashville, Tennessee actually voted down an English only proposal. The vote lost by approximately 10, 000 votes. If this law would have passed, it would have marked a historic event. If passed, Nashville would have become the largest U.S. city to ...

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    This article deals with the constant debate for an English-only classroom and society.