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    Challenges of Using the Internet

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    What are four major limitations of today's Internet?

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    Some limitations of today's internet include possible inadequate bandwidth limitations, infrastructure

    limitations, issues related to service quality, and difficulty policing the internet for criminal (online and

    possibly off-line) activity. Bandwidth can be viewed as the width of the highway, or in terms of technology,

    the information highway. If a highway doesn't have enough lanes to handle heavy traffic, it becomes

    congested. When this happens on the internet, it leads to slow 'last mile' service or service to individual

    consumers (Santoso, 2010). This can create challenges in sharing large video or voice files. Both

    businesses and home offices are more likely to be affected, particularly when applications like web meetings

    and web conferencing are utilized for collaboration among professionals within the organization or among

    private professionals.

    Infrastructure limitations occur when current infrastructure fails to keep up with demand. The ...

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