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    Parents or Prisons

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    Please help with developing the following questions, the article by Jennifer Morse (2003) Parents or Prisons, in policy review do you agree or not agree with Morse's assertion of the relationship between single parent household and delinquency.

    Assess in conclusion your argument should be with examples and at least one other article supporting your view.

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    The Effects of Single-Mother Families and Nonresident Fathers on Delinquency and Substance Abuse in Black and White Adolescents. By: Thomas, George; Farrell, Michael P.; Barnes, Grace M. Journal of Marriage & Family. Nov96, Vol. 58 Issue 4, p884-894. 11p. 3 charts, 3 graphs. Abstract:

    The article written by Jennifer Morse regarding the higher propensity of juveniles from single parent households to become residents of the penal system has some validity and is based upon research that has shown strong correlations between single parent households and juvenile delinquency. Although her research is backed by some data, her assertions are overly broad. I will analyze the research further to explain why I do not agree with her article on parents or prisons. To begin this summation I will first highlight the facts that dictate juveniles from single parent households are more likely to engage in delinquent acts such as heavier illicit drug use, heavier drinking, and other statutory offenses at higher rates than those within two-parent households. In addition I will provide some of the data given by Morse regarding her study that found higher percentages of incarcerated juveniles who came from single parent households. Finally I will provide the rationale for why Mrs. Morse's overly broad attempt to classify all single parent households as potential breeders of future prison inmates for children is false.

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    The solution assesses in conclusion for arguments based on parents or prisons with examples. Household delinquency is determined.