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    Critique a Juvenile Delinquency court case

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    Please locate an article of interest related to juvenile delinquency.

    1. What provision of the law was at issue?
    2. What are the facts of the case?
    3. What legal tests were applied?
    4. Were there any unusual elements in the case?

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    What provision of the law was at issue?

    The appellant challenges the adjudication of the offense, arguing (1) her right to due process was violated when the State failed to investigate whether she was "caused by any means to commit prostitution"; and (2) as a result of the State's failure to conduct such an investigation, adjudication of the offense "offends public policy notions that child victims of sexual exploitation must be protected." She argues that the Texas legislature's 1973 adoption of the Penal Code, as applied to juveniles in the Family Code, evinces that the legislature "could not have intended ...

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    This solution analyzes a court case involving a juvenile delinquent, looking at the provision of the law involved, the facts of the case, the applicable legal tests, and identifying any unusual elements.