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Can some please help with this assigment? I need to write a 3 page report.

What areas do you think are unnecessary for a manager to develop? And, how would you recommend that new managers acquire their HR knowledge? Would you send them to a week-long seminar given by an external firm? Or, would you recommend a 10-week internship? Would you include a regular update on HR issues? If yes, how often do you think it is practical to have an update?

What is the importance of core HR knowledge for managers
What areas should be inclusion and exclusion in new manager orientation?
What venue should be used for training new manager on Hr issues
What are the major HR functions: recruitment, compensation, benefits, and performance management

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// Human Resource Management involves various programs like training, orientation, compensation, benefits etc. Before beginning with such kind of paper, we should first give a short introduction where in we should describe a little about it. Like this: //

Human Resource

Human resource is the most integral part of the organization. The success of an organization depends largely on the quality and quantity of its human resource. Executives are the most valuable assets of the organization. The manager is the dynamic and life giving element in an organization. The success and the growth of the organization depend largely upon the caliber and the performance of its executives. Therefore, every organization should improve the quality of its managers. Development of the managers is systematic process of learning and growth by which the managerial personnel gain and apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights to manage the work in their organizations effectively and efficiently (Gupta, 2007).

In an organization the manager should have the technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills, so there is no unnecessary area for a manager to develop skills and knowledge. The manager should enable to use the latest techniques, method, equipments, process effectively in performing a job. Managing human resource is most difficult task, due to the differences in the personality of the every employee in the organization, but the manager should have the capabilities to understand the perception and the personality of human beings. A part from these areas, the manager should have the conceptual skills and abilities to consider an enterprise as a whole and evaluate the relationship which exist between the various parts of business functions.

In order to development of a new manager to acquire the knowledge of the human resource, I would follow a development program and would provide him an on-the-job training. It is the most suitable method to develop the knowledge and skills of the manager. It is less expensive and time saving method and also gives a practical knowledge to the trainer. The ...

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I have an organizational chart, but my company only has 18 employees and we have no HR department, and my last job was in the Army and we had no "HR" department in that organization either. So I have no experience with HR.

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