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    performance appraisal programs

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    Details: As the company approaches its first year in operation, you are planning to roll out a company-wide performance appraisal program. The CEO is relying on you to develop a program that will drive company performance.

    Using the internet and the Library, locate information on performance appraisal programs. Then develop a detailed plan to present to your CEO. This plan should include

    * Discussion of the various programs you have considered
    * Which program you have selected and why.
    * How will the new program be communicated to employees?
    * What type of training will need to be provided for managers?
    * What additional issues/challenges need to be considered with the implementation of this program?

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    Discussion of the various programs you have considered:

    The various performance appraisal programs considered are:

    Rating Scales

    The rating scale method offers a high degree of structure for appraisals. Each employee trait or characteristic is rated on a bipolar scale that usually has several points ranging from "poor" to "excellent" (or some similar arrangement).

    The traits assessed on these scales include employee attributes such as cooperation, communications ability, initiative, punctuality and technical (work skills) competence. The nature and scope of the traits selected for inclusion is limited only by the imagination of the scale's designer, or by the organization's need to know.

    The one major provision in selecting traits is that they should be in some way relevant to the appraisee's job. The traits selected by some organizations have been unwise and have resulted in legal action on the grounds of discrimination.

    Essay Method

    In the essay method approach, the appraiser prepares a written statement about the employee being appraised.

    The statement usually concentrates on describing specific strengths and ...

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    Using the internet and the Library, locate information on performance appraisal programs.