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Rewards Programs: Organizational and Training Development

1) Why are performance appraisals important for employee and organizational success? What method of performance appraisal does a organization use? In your opinion, what are the two most effective appraisal methods and why

2) Discuss the importance of an organizational reward system. Describe the organizational rewards system used by a organization? Do you find this rewards system effective and why? What changes would you recommend with the rewards programs?

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1) Why are performance appraisals important for employee and organizational success?

Performance appraisals are important for both employee and organizational success for a few reasons. A performance appraisal is designed to provide feedback to an employee as to his or her performance. From the appraisal and the discussions subsequent to the appraisal, the employee is able to understand the areas where s/he is excelling, performing at an average level, or lagging behind in comparison to his/her peers and as evaluated against other set criteria. The employee can then use this information to improve his/her performance. As the employee improves his/her performance, the overall productivity rate for the organization increases. Basically, the more that the employee improves, the greater the benefit to the entire organization. This translates into increased profits for the company.

--What method of performance appraisal does a organization use?

An organization can use one of many different types of performance appraisal methods. Also, some organizations use different methods based on the position. Employees are given performance appraisals under one method, a different method is used for mid-management, and an entirely different system is used for senior-level or top management. The methods remain consistent at a particular level but do not have to remain consistent throughout the entire organization. Whichever method suits that particular level the best is the method that should be used. An organization can also self-create a method if there is not a common method that suits the particular needs of the organization or that ...

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