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Project Management Practices

Read an article about a recipient of PMI's Project of the year award, such as the Salt Lake City Organization committee mentioned on PMI's Web site. Write a two-page paper summarizing the project, focusing on how the project manager and team used good project management practices.

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// For developing an understanding regarding the concept of 'Project Management'; an in-depth research is required. For this purpose, I have read an article about a recipient of PMI's 'Project of the Year Award'. So firstly, I am describing about the Project Management Institute.//

Project Management Practices


Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's most important not-for-profit backing alliance. It works for the project management profession and encourages companies by announcing different awards in the field of project management. This institute has nearly 220,000 members in over 160 countries. PMI is dynamically betrothed in encouragement for the profession, establishing certified standards, carrying out research and offering access to a wealth of information and assets. It also props up the line of business & proficient progress and offers official recognition, networking and society participation chances.

PMI is working in this field from the last 36 years and it has advanced the careers of many practitioners who have completed project management practices ...

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