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    Most famous cases of poor project management

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    Scenario 1 One of the most famous cases of poor project management was the Sydney Opera House, which came in years and millions over budgets. What have researchers identified about this case that we can learn from?

    Scenario 2: Also, identify a high profile failed project from your nation of origin and see if the same mistakes were made. What practical advice would you give to project managers working in your country to help them
    avoid problems?

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    1. The Sydney Opera House was $95 million over budget and 11 years late. This case presents a perfect example of poor project management practices. As a Project Manager, we should remember out commitment to customers and project team. While providing customer with an estimate it is important that all constraints are considered before reaching a cost number and completion timeline. However, it should be very well kept in the mind that these are just estimates and not the actual. Estimates also tend to be less accurate as complexity of the project increases. As constraints change, and they would always change; these must be discussed with customers. As long as an open communication channel is maintained everyone involved would be able to get the real picture in the changing context of constraints. This helps in adjusting the definition of project success. A ...

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