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Project management 3

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Project life cycle consists of different phases. Identify the major IT project management tasks associated with the concept, development, implementation, and closeout phases of the project life cycle. For each of the identified tasks, list the necessary project management skills to accomplish those tasks.

Statistics show that most projects fail for some reason or other. What are the major reasons for IT project failures?

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The question requires you to give the different tasks related to the different phases of the IT project life cycle and point out the skills required to carry out the tasks. Next, the question requires you to give reasons why IT project usually fail.
<br>There are several assumptions, which the question makes. First the question assumes that there are fixed tasks associated with each phase of the project life cycle. However in reality this is not true. One skill which may be required in the concept stage for one project, say an agricultural implements seller may be applicable in the implementation stage in case of an online pharmacy. Second, the question presupposes that there are different identifiable skills required at each stage of the project life cycle. This demarcation is very artificial. A group which has a mix of skills, which are valuable at the concept stage, will find that the same set of skills are useful at the implementation stage. Thirdly, the question presumes that most IT projects fail! If this were the case then people would not launch IT projects. In reality, the IT projects are usually phased out and new projects often by the same group of people take over. In some cases it has been found that the product life cycle has been short and the product has systematically been phased out.
<br>Given below are some guidelines to help you write your answers.
<br>1. The generation of idea, selection, the brainstorming and ...

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