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Unethical behaviors in cost estimation in project teams

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We are not considering the learning rate will inflate the project cost estimate. Similarly, "padding" (discussed in the Topic 1 section of the lecture) will inflate the project cost estimate. Discuss the potentially unethical practices of the project team in cost estimation, with emphasis on the after-effects of those practices on the project performance.

Please provide at least one reference that is not a website.

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Unethical behaviors in project management tend to lead to losses in both profits, labor, and respect for the project management team. In terms of project management, one cost saving measure that is considered unethical is asking for higher budgets then using cheaper labor. Often this labor is promoted as being necessary requiring higher costs, but then workers with fewer skills are used on a job. Housing often has this issue. The project means more ...

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A short overview of the problems of unethical cost estimation for project teams.

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