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Project Manager: Competition

Describe the extent to which a person in a career such as Project Manager will utilize Porter's five forces.

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A person in a career such as Project management can use Porter's five forces to the fullest.

The market for project managers are influenced by the five forces outlined by Michael Porter and a person in the career can use this analysis to better understand the market context in which he competes.

The first force of Porter is the degree of rivalry. There are exit barriers because resigning from the position in a company and obtaining a position in another company has costs. For lucrative positions and positions in reputed companies there is fierce rivalry among project managers.

The second force is the threat of new entrants. Degree holders with experience in your field will apply for the position of project manager to move into. For ...

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The use of Porters five force model in project management career is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.