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    Project Management and Systems Analysis

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    1. You are a project manager of a small startup company assigned to a project to a build a dynamic web application to market to consumers to more easily/cheaply download copyrighted videos and movies. Your company wants to make a name for themselves in this market, and the competition is fierce. What software model would you pick and why?

    2. For the situation in question 1, what steps would you take at the beginning of the effort towards risk management? Please be specific in your response.

    3. For the situation in question 1, what project management tools and techniques would you use to help manage this effort? Please elaborate briefly on how you would use them in your response.

    4. You are a project manager assigned to a project to replace the existing payroll system in a very large company. This system is 20+ years old and spans users/stakeholders from many different departments in many different locations. How would you address the task of gathering requirements for this system?

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    This solution discusses some particular questions in regards to:
    1. Software model selections and application
    2. Project and Risk Management
    3. Systems Analysis and Requirements Gathering techniques with multiple stakeholders in different departments and locations.