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The Time Value of Money in Online Learning

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Discuss how you can use:
- organization, time
- management, and communication
- towards your career or how you can use these to be a successful
- online learner

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As a person starts and progresses in a career or takes an online course, there are many types of difficult challenges one has to face. These may come in the form of unplanned and unforeseen life events such as health issues, family issues, etc. Every project requires the 3 Ds: Desire, Discipline, and Dedication. Desire is the starting point; if you don't have the desire to commit and succeed then you might be in the wrong place to start with. The second is discipline which puts your desire into a framework, in order to succeed. Once you follow the framework of discipline, the fruits of your efforts will start to sprout. Dedication is the driving force that puts your desire into discipline.

Tasks and projects in the workplace or online ...

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This solution talks about how to use organization, time management, and communication skills in your career or in an online learning course in order to succeed. 500+ words.

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