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Online Marketing: Benefits to consumers and marketers

Discuss the benefits to consumers and marketers of online markting. could you also cite specific reasons in both areas?

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Online marketing or E-marketing can be defined as achieving marketing objectives through use of electronic communications technology.
<br>Smith and Chaffey (2001) also provide 'the 5Ss' a useful mnemonic for how the Internet can be applied by all organisations or for different e-marketing tactics. For example, for an e-newsletter, the 5Ss are:
<br>1. Sell - Grow sales (the e-newsletter often acts as both a customer acquisition tool and a retention tool - the lastminute.com e-newsletter has this dual role)
<br>2. Serve - Add value (give customers extra benefits online such as an online exclusive offer or more in-depth information about your products or the industry sector)
<br>3. Speak - Get closer to customers by creating a dialogue, asking questions through online research surveys and learning about customers' preferences through tracking - which content are people most interested in.
<br>4. Save - Save costs (of print and post if you have a traditional ...