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Direct Marketing Description and Explanation

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What benefits do consumers reap from direct marketing efforts? Is it ethical for companies to share your information such as email addresses for direct marketing efforts? Support your position.

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The posting describes and explains direct marketing and CAN-SPAM.

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Direct Marketing is an interactive type of marketing that uses more than one advertising media with the purpose of acquiring a measurable response or transaction anywhere. It is interactive, meaning, one-to-one communication which happens between the consumer and the marketer. The response to the offer can be measured by the direct marketers. Direct marketing media may include direct mail, tele marketing, magazines, newspaper ads, infomercials, television and radio spots. Direct marketing is not limited to real stores and may take place anywhere and anytime.
The growth of direct marketing has been unprecedented and among the factors that have contributed to its rapid growth are the following: changing lifestyles, convenience/accessibility, increase in the number of working women, effective personal selling, growth of technology, growth in consumers' use of the telephone in placing orders, aging population, rising income, and increase in single households. The increase in the number of working women has given more chances to explore the Internet and shop online because they have less time to go out. Direct marketing has ...

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