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Professionalism in Project Managers, role in organizations

Frustration is not discontent but lack of reward in your profession. Discontent mean you give up altogether whereas in frustration you are prepared to put in more hard work to hone your skill for better, higher results and quick promotional avenues.

Project Management profession in fact highly rewarding and satisfying but as in any other profession, including medical (Doctors) requires patient aquisition of experience. It never ending process in this fast changing, varied field and innovative technological world.
The word professional traditionally means a person who has obtained a degree in a professional field. The term professional is used more generally to denote a white collar working person, or a person who performs commercially in a field typically reserved for hobbyists or amateurs.

In western nations, such as the United States, the term commonly describes highly educated, mostly salaried workers, who enjoy considerable work autonomy, economic security, a comfortable salary, and are commonly engaged in creative and intellectually challenging work.

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Every Project Manager must have viewed his role in the organization a challenging one. He must realize that project management is a discipline for the purposes of planning, organizing, managing resources to timely completion of the project within the projected date.

He must have realized that a project is just a temporary enterprise and in many cases repetitive. It may have been the cause of his frustration and boredom.

The basic cause of frustration of a Project Manager is the assignment of the role to be played by him in an organization. If the organization does not use his services in the appropriate place according to his background he is bound to get frustrated over a period of time. Project management is a means by which organizations achieve their objectives.

Project Management provides organization powerful tools to improve its ability to plan, implement, and control its activities it also depends on the ways in which it utilizes its people and resources.

A fresh entrant in the profession must know and remember that:-
i) A project is an enterprise for a defined period;
ii) It has a beginning, period of duration;
iii) And an expected date of completion.
iv) Within the limits of projected budget.

The project manager's role commences from the embryonic stage of the project to its final completion. He must have an entrepreneur's spirit in the sense that he has to organize everything from the stage of conceiving, designing, planning, resourcing, and involving all the other mangers, overseeing the ...

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This solution describes the importance of project management , as a valued skill and a project manager's ability to effectively handle projects.