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Is a Project Management Certification Without Experience Sufficient?

If a person has been certified by a Project Management certification body such as PMI, IPMA, AIPM, APM but has never been on an IT project team, would you even consider hiring that person to manage an IT project? Justify your answer.

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First of all project management certifications such as PMI usually require certificating working hours on a project in addition to the exams. Applications undergo an initial review for the completeness of information submitted about the candidate's education and work experience. Then, the candidate can take the exam and get a certificate. So if someone has never been on an IT project team but has certificate, I would have suspicions about his/her capabilities. The IT Project Manager certificates aim to raise the level of professionalism in the management of IT projects. Does this mean that a PM certified IT individual is a competent project manager? I would say certainly not. It also doesn't mean they are incompetent. It means that they understand the PM ...

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