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    Mike Brown Assessment

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    Several quotes from Mike Brown , a professional project manager with a very impressive track record. Consider these three quotes:

    "There are not many professions in which you can touch, feel, or experience the fruits of your labor. In project management you can."

    "As a project manager you have all the responsibilities of a CEO... You make critical decisions daily and you run your own operation."

    "You don't have a lot of formal authority so you have to understand how to influence, lead your team, and gain respect."

    Please consider these quotes, and offer your feedback. Do you agree with Mr. Brown's assessment of the profession? Why or why not?

    250 words or more

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    Mike Brown Assessment

    Introduction: I am sure you understand that it is not my responsibility to provide you with a turn-in ready assignment. My task is to provide you with the foundational background information you need to develop a satisfactory response to your assignment. My approach to this posting will be to provide you with a step-by-step response.

    1. "There are not many professions in which you can touch, feel, or experience the fruits of your labor. In project management, you can."

    A. One of the key words in this first quotation is the word professions. There is much conflict in societies understanding of the difference between a person in a professional discipline, and a person working in a non-professional position. A profession is often described as an individual with the education and certification to make decisions without direct oversight of their work. Medical doctors, architects, and lawyers fall into this category. Non-professionals are all the people who work all the everyday jobs (Weber, 1957). A conflict exists since society expects every worker in all jobs to do a "professional" job.

    B. In the sense of this quotation from Mike Brown, project managers are professionals. I believe the idea that project management is a profession at ...

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    This response is designed to express an educated viewpoint on three quotations from a person named Mike Brown about the project management profession. Much of the response is directed toward developing an understanding of what types of jobs fall under the title profession. The response clearly identifies a project manager as a professional. A project manager is an individual who may or may not wield significant formal authority.