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Real Life Scenarios: Systems of Linear Equations

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Determine a simple real-life example scenario to solve systems of linear equations

- Discuss how the math concept applies to your scenario. Scenarios or examples should clearly demonstrate how the math principle can be used to solve a real-life problem.

- Research and include references formatted consistent with APA guidelines if necessary.

Submit a 1-paragraph summary of each of your discussed example scenarios and math principles.

- Include any necessary variables, clearly defined.
- Include any formulas necessary to solve this problem.
- Include written descriptions of your logic, as needed, to explain the transition from words to mathematics.
- Solve the problem by demonstrating and explaining the step-by-step work involved to reach the answer.

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Mike Brown plans to get a cell phone. There are two phone companies he can select from. Rogers charges a $50 flat fee plus $0.02 per minute, while Bell charges a $20 flat fee plus $0.04 per minute. If Mike thinks he may phone about 600 minutes a month, which phone company should he ...

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The solution discusses real life scenario based on systems of linear equations.

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