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    Themes of perseverance in "National Velvet"

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    In looking at this film and the theme of perseverance and self affirmation, what examples would support this theme as far as from the characters of the mother and father and Mike Taylor? Also, with Velvet, besides her determination in Pi, are there any other examples related to her?

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    To illustrate some more themes, since Velvet breaks definite barriers not only for her gender but also for her age, I also think that it adds to the theme of perseverance within the film. Despite losing the prize, she knows that her faith in herself, horse, coach, and family are the true prizes in life. Thus, she shows staunch self affirmation throughout the film.

    Mike Taylor, too, exhibits self affirmation as he transforms from the "bad boy" ex disgruntled jockey marred from this accident and wanting to keep the family's stolen money to a clean image of a compassionate and faithful family friend as well as coach and mentor to Velvet. He does ...

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    Various examples of themes of perseverance and self affirmation are cited from this film.