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Business Literature

This posting names workplace themes most often appearing in poetry.

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1. What workplace themes do you find most often appearing in poetry? Why?

As you analyze poems with workplace themes, some sample ideas include:

Themes are associated with leadership, identity, pride, responsibility, tolerance, equity (gender, racial, socioeconomic), perseverance, courage, relationships, vanity, cooperation, choices, communication, passion, desire for personal space, personality types, optimism, etc.

Since I do not know which specific poems were covered in your class, it is difficult to align with your specific thematic titles. However, these themes permeate workplace poetry as a whole. If you send another posting with specific titles and poets, it will help to identify more concrete themes.

2. Cite textual references where social justice or injustice is the theme of a poem. Is there a bias in one direction or the other? If so, why would that be?

As you explicate this question, please refer to these poets as a basis for exploration:

"The ...