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    Business Literature

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    This posting addresses the role literature can and should play as businessess cope with social change.

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    As you analyze the role of literature and its ability to portray business and initiate social change, I have listed some brainstorming ideas. Please feel free to send me your next step or draft for further feedback since the topic is quite vast.

    First, you might want to select a theme to link your topic. Some possible ideas include:

    1. The portrayal of business/work in literature has an eminent impact on society's overall perception of business.

    2. Literature produces personal, socioeconomic, gender, and political ramifications regarding work.

    3. Business literature encompasses gender, racial, and socioeconomic intersections.

    4. Literature often portrays businessmen and businesswomen as immoral and crooked.

    5. Capitalism is often negatively portrayed in literature.

    Here is a creative title ...

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    The expert examines the role of literature should and can play as businesses cope with social change.