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Yoshiko Uchida's Of Dry Goods and Black Bow Ties

This posting examines how literature portrays business in the past, and how is that different from the present and does literature from different cultures focus on different aspects of business. It uses Of Dry Goods and Black Bow Ties by Yoshiko Uchida from the text The Art of Work, An Anthology of Workplace Literature.

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Please allow some of my ideas to initiate your essay about this complex subject:

First, you might mention how Uchida's piece infuses how immigrant work experiences often infuse issues of race, culture, and other factors into business. For example, please note how Uchida's essay shows the difference of business in the past from how it is different from work in the present.

Another idea is that you might also differentiate how today's business often deals with computers, technology, outsourcing, and other impersonal, anonymous forms of interactions and exchanges. However, Uchida's essay reinforces how business in the past was marked by definite interpersonal dynamics, social more and norms, cultural, and socioeconomic factors, as well as issues affecting immigrants as demonstrated through Mr. Shimada's character and other factors of the essay.

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