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    difference between white phosphorus and red phosphorus

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    What distillate is labeled by DOT as a Flammable Liquid to containers and Flammable (when warranted) to bulk packaging, freight, and railcar shipments, along with being a preservative for utility poles and cross ties?

    Carbon black

    Flowers of sulfur

    Creosote oil

    Coal tar pitch

    Question 10
    Which of the following statements is FALSE?

    TSCA regulates existing hazards not covered by other federal laws dealing with toxic substances.

    The FDA ensures that the labeling of cosmetics is truthful and informative.
    The EPA establishes the requirements for identifying certain hazardous substances found in household products.

    The FAAA includes provisions to ensure that malt beverages intended for nonindustrial use are safe for consumption.

    Question 11
    Two important allotropes of elemental phosphorus are white phosphorus and red phosphorus: A. Why should gloves be worn when handling white phosphorus? B. Why are firefighters advised to use dry sand rather than wet sand to extinguish a small red phosphorus fire? (minimum 200 word response)

    Question 12
    Why is the spillage of liquid oxygen upon asphalt pavement potentially hazardous? (minimum 200 word response)

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