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    CMA Versus CPA Certification Research

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    Access the website of the Institute of Management Accountants, www.imanet.org. Read in the website about the IMA and what management accounting is about (see menu on left at home page). Also read about the process and advantages of the Certified Management Accountant professional designation.

    Write a summary of this information and discuss the value of such certification, and the difference between CPA certification and CMA certification.

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    The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is a global leader with the vision of developing the management accounting and finance professionals to become leaders who can drive the needed business performance to make their organizations one of those which can sustain competitive advantage. The members of IMA are dedicated to continued professional development. They are one of the best accounting professionals who achieve the highest levels of certification in their field. The IMA is a place for each of their members to support each other towards committing professional excellence. The IMA offers forum for their members so that they can advance their careers through the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) program. Other activities include research, networking, practice development education, and the adherence of ethical and professional standards and practices.

    In order to become a certified CMA, candidates must fulfill and comply with the education and experience requirements. Education requirements include a bachelor's degree (any area) in accredited college/university, at least 50th percentile score in GMAT or GRE; and professional qualification must be comparable to CPA, CMA. A listing of accredited institutions and professional credentials that qualify are listed in the IMA site. Experience qualification includes two continuous years in application of management accounting or financial management. Other requirements include being a member of the IMA; paying a non-refundable entrance fee; passing scores for the required examination (An exemption or waiver can be granted to those who have earned ...

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    The solution researches and discusses the values of a CMA and CPA Certification. References are included.