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Trade Show Project Plan

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Problem: Complete the project plan for the trade show by adding resources, assignments, and budgets to the WBS. The result should be a project plan created using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

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Create a project plan from given elements of a project scenario.

This project will be based on a task that has been assigned to me by a client, where I have been given the task not only to showcase the product but to manage the event of trade show for the organization in most effective and efficient manner. Our plan defines the tasks that must be done by the project team over the length of the project. It includes a breakdown of tasks, dependencies, task budgets, task start and finish dates, task durations, and resource assignments. All of these components will allow benchmarking the project's progress against the time and resources I have allocated to the project which helps keep it closely within budget and on time.
It encompasses all the deliverables the project manager creates: scope definition, project schedule, team roster, budget, communication plan, quality management plan, and change control mechanisms. It is a document that is created at the start of the project and maintained by the project manager throughout the project's lifecycle. It is important because it defines the strategy, or direction, that the project manager will follow to successfully deliver the project. It is a critical communication device to the sponsor, customers, and team members. The project plan also serves as a record of leanings for future projects. There are many advantages to project management with a project plan:
? It helps the project team stay on task and meet deadlines.
? It provides a common frame of reference, foundation, and documentation for stakeholders, the team, and management.
? It helps ensure that all project areas that need addressing are covered.
? It provides consistency, professionalism, and agreed upon ...

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