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    Project Specifications and Objectives

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    1. Develop a project specifications.
    2. Assess factors affecting the achievement of project objectives.
    3. Develop and agree project objectives which will meet the specified needs.
    4. Identify the project environment, the project phases and project activities.
    5. Identify and allow for critical or uncertain factors in the realisation of the project.
    6. Define relevant performance measures to monitor success.

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    Project Specifications and Objectives
    1. Develop project specifications.
    A specification is literally the discussion of a specific point or issue; it's hard in this instance to avoid the circular reference. A project's specifications consist of the body of information that should guide the project members.
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    Project- Managing Trade show

    This project will be based on a task that has been assigned to me by a client Omax, where I have been given the task not only to showcase the product but to manage the event of trade show for the organization in most effective and efficient manner. Our project specification defines the tasks that must be done by the project team over the length of the project. It includes a breakdown of tasks, dependencies, task budgets, task start and finish dates, task durations, and resource assignments. All of these components will allow benchmarking the project's progress against the time and resources I have allocated to the project which helps keep it closely within budget and on time.

    There are many advantages :
    ? It helps the project team stay on task and meet deadlines.
    ? It provides a common frame of reference, foundation, and documentation for stakeholders, the team, and management.
    ? It helps ensure that all project areas that need addressing are covered.
    It provides consistency, professionalism, and agreed upon expectations

    Scope Management

    It coordinates the breadth and depth of the project. Scope of the project is not only limited to the tradeshow but beyond it to develop and maintain the new leads.

    Description of the Project
    I have been given the task of managing the tradeshow event for our organization's product. Our product is industrial machinery catering to the textile manufacturers. This tradeshow is an exhibition of all the prominent machinery manufacturers catering to various industries. This is one of the largest trade shows in the US and will attract the buyers, industrialists from through out the globe. Our organization is one of the biggest machinery manufacturers specifically catering to the textile sector. Thus our aim will be to attract, promote and generate the leads from the business buyers. The other aim will be to show case ourselves as one of the best in the industry and to enhance the corporate image amongst the industry.

    Problem/result statement

    To generate high number of leads and to enhance our corporate image in the industry

    2. Assess factors affecting the achievement of project objectives.
    The factors affecting the achievement of project objectives are the stakeholder's interest and their influence on the project. Project stakeholders are those parties who are interested in the project. They make up the environment of an organization. They include all the stakeholders; within their "family" of employees, customers, vendors of equipment, with communities, governments, lenders, investors, and the media. Stakeholders want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization--such as jobs for workers, safe products, less pollution, and a safe community. Thus they attempt to influence the missions and goals of these organizations.
    Some of the variables to be considered by the Project manager are:
    1. Environment
    2. Community relations
    3. Employee relations
    4. Share holders
    3. Customer relations (Department of Defence)
    4. Non U.S. stakeholders
    5. Minorities and Women
    6. Bankers

    Thus our Project will consider various stakeholders and will tailor the solutions accordingly.
    Our Project planning will also take care of the needs of the other stake holders.
    Employee satisfaction is an important area. More than any other single group, potential key employees are looking for reassurances on a variety of issues. They want to know that the company has a history of success and that it can achieve ...

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