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Success Factors that Affect Project Management

The Chaos report lists a variety of success factors that affect project management. This includes user involvement, executive management support, proper planning, clear statement of requirements, realistic expectations, ownership, hard-working and focused staff. Pick one of these, or research an alternative, and assess how this success factor would impact your particular project.

1) The body of the paragraphs should have (introduction - body - conclusion) (including scholarly quotations) quotation should not be long and preferable in own words.

2) Including 4-5 references using Harvard approach.

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A project is defined by Robbins and Coulter (2004, p. 239) as "A one-time only set of activities that has a definite beginning and ending point in time". These authors also defined project management as the task of getting a project's activities done on time, within budget, and according to specifications.

The above definitions indicate that there is a definite output that must be produced within certain specifications set that may take the form of: the final output expected, the period in which it must be done or delivered, budgeted finances, and project features intended (as may be set by the management or the user). In this regard, proper planning is an important factor to ensure that the output will really be produced as specified, within the deadlines, and as budgeted.

Project planning process involves setting up of well - defined objectives, identification of activities and resources needed to meet the said objectives, ...

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