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Benefits of Project Planning and Project Management

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Develop a 20-minute presentation that you will give to your manager and the project sponsors. The presentation should cover the following: the benefits of project planning, project management within the various types of organizational systems, and how your approach to project management will affect the success of the project outcome.

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Solution Summary

A power point presentation is provided consisting of 12 slides in total including a reference slide. The slides contains detailed footnotes per slide for the presenter to talk about. The slides cover project planning benefits, project management, approach and the factors affecting the success of the project outcome.

The focus is on how accountability shifts to the project management team. This allows the other employees in the firm to concentrate on other tasks. Because the project management team is accountable for the project, including the project plan, efficiency and set expectations are able to be established. Also there is a greater assurance that needed services and resources will be available to the company because the relationships and contacts have been established for proper project planning. The company is able to maintain a higher degree of efficiency because they are utilizing the proper structure of project planning. The firm therefore increases overall productivity, which adds to their competitive advantage.

Kindly download and read the power point presentation to see other approaches and factors affecting the success of project outcome.

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