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    Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning

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    What are the benefits and drawbacks of both top-down planning and bottom-up planning? How may a project leader utilize both types when creating a work breakdown structures (WBS)?

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    Top Down Planning (Sparks, 2013)


    - Employees know their roles - There is little question in a top down planning structure about who the boss is and who is makes decisions for the project overall. There is an overall understanding that the employees, or project team members, will follow a specific philosophy or methodology to ensure compliance and uniformity.

    - Levels the playing field - When there is only one person, for a few select people, that are making decisions, it creates less competition among other team members to be "in charge". Again, everyone knows their place and their role with this type of planning.


    - Impact on morale - Because there is no room for innovation or discussion about changing ...

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    A discussion regarding the benefits and drawbacks of top-down an bottom-up planning and how they can both be used with creating a Work Breakdown Structure. 435 words, 1 reference.