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    Top-Down and Bottom-up Processes

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    What is the bottom-up process and top-down process?

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    What is the bottom-up process and top-down process?

    A top-down approach refers to the breaking down of a system into component parts, or from a higher to a lower level; whereas, the bottom-up approach is the piecing together of systems to create a larger system, going from a lower to a higher level. For example, information is transmitted through pathways based on sensory hierarchies. For example, focused on attention, pathways are considered a means by which cognitive processes such as attention can influence perception, and considered a top-down influence. Sensory neurons that carry information from lower to higher level is a bottoms-up influence (Pinel, 2006). According to Pinel, attention can be focused in two different ways: by internal cognitive ...

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    This solution discusses top-down and bottom-up process in approaches in areas of research and;or assessment.