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Active Nature of Perception

Please briefly explain the active nature of perception, and then explain two differences between bottom-up and top-down perception with one example of how everyday experience would be altered if bottom-up perception were impaired, and one example of how everyday experience would be altered if top-down perception were impaired

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Perception is the higher processing of sensation which ultimately becomes how we experience the world around us. We can selectively and consciously perceive certain aspects of our world more so than others. For example, I can choose to focus primarily on what I'm typing right now, as opposed to the feeling of the keyboard keys that I'm pressing, because the former has more relevance to the task I'm accomplishing than the latter. Some of these processes are fairly automatic but nonetheless active. In this sense, perception is active and variable.

Top-down perception refers to the capacity for abstract expectations or knowledge to influence how we perceive things. For example, if I have had a bad experience ...

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Active and nature of perceptions are examined.