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Project Management in Journals

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Hi, I'm looking for analysis of journals ( 2 journals is enough ) related to Project Management. The Analysis should cover benefits of reading the journals.

Thank you.

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Dear Student,

Please find help and some guidelines for project management journal analysis below. The content below has been written to get you started on this assignment. This has been written to help you with this particular problem and its use is limited as such. The content of the solution must not therefore be passed on as your own work for grading or commercial purposes. You can also use the listed resources to explore your topic further.

First Journal: The ''real'' success factors on projects.

This research, performed by Terry Cooke-Davies, aims to identify the factors responsible for the success of project management. The researcher has covered these critical success factors since very long from late 1960s. With the changes in time and technologies, the criteria for success of project management have also changed quite a lot. With the help of this journal, one will be able to make distinction between project success and project management success (Davies, 2002). Apart from this, it also helps to make distinction between the success criteria and success factors. The research also exhibits the relation between schedule delay and cost escalation over the project. With the help of this research, impact of delay in schedule and escalation of cost on the project can be identified. Apart from this, with the help of this research, one could easily identify the role of project manager in the success of project.

The role of project manager within a project could be identified through this research that is quite beneficial for people going for new projects. The journal is also beneficial to understand the importance of project management and operation together in bringing beneficial changes in project. With this research, one is able to understand the importance of cooperation ...

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Project management in journals are examined.

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