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CPM network-Critical path

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You are in the process of selecting and awarding a major contract as quickly as possible. Management has approved simultaneous advertisements in CBD (Commerce and Business Daily), over the internet and Global media (contract journals). Here are the activities for this project, constraints of each activity and the duration for each activity.

1. Requirements Development: 30 Days
2. Requirement Specification preparation: 40 Days (can be started at the same time as Activity 1: Requirements Development)
3. Management Approval: 5 Days (Only after completed Requirements Specification (Activity 2) has been submitted to them for review)
4. Advertise in CBD: 70 days (Must not start until Management has provided approval (Activity 3))
5. Set up Proposal Review Panel: 90 days (can be started only after Management has provided approval (Activity 3))
6. Advertise over Internet: 40 Days (can be started simultaneously with other advertisements)
7. Advertise in Global media: 75 days (can be started at the same time as Advertise in CBD and Internet)
8. Review submitted proposals: 10 Days (Must be done only by the Proposal Review Panel (Activity 5))
9. Prepare and send Clarification Questions to the Bidders: 30 Days (after Review of submitted proposals (Activity 8))
10. Conduct proposal presentations by the bidders: 45 days (after Activity 9)
11. Award Contract: 10 Days (after all presentations from the bidders (Activity 10))

What is critical path for this project? How long will it take to complete the project? Please draw a CPM network diagram for this project.

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Draws the CPM network for the project and calculates the time required to complete the project using critical path.