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    International Dimensions of Human Resource Management

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    What do you see as the two or three most significant international dimensions of Human Resource Management over the coming decade? why these are considered the most important?

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    I have summarized two things I think apply to this subject. I have also included three references, each with further references listed you might want to review.

    The first is the staffing and types of staff required for work in the global markets. This is important because each member of the staff adds to the whole in terms of diversity, productivity, knowledge, and skills. Placing the proper person in each role is not just dependent on their level of skill, but in their ability to move and work within the shared organizational culture of the company. Understanding the need for hiring and the ...

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    This solution provides a review of the two most significant concerns in human resource management for the future. The coming decade for Human Resource Management is examined. Why these are considered the most importance are given.