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    Business Ethics

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    The Role of Ethics in Business

    - Evaluate the concept of ethics as it relates to business operations. Be certain to utilize your text's definition and then compare and contrast definitions from other sources. - What stance does Drucker take on ethics? - How does your text author relate Carr's perspective regarding the role of ethics in business? - Provide

    Health and Safety

    •Should an employer ever be held liable for murder in the death of an employee? Is there a point where an employer is so uncaring about employee safety that you would say the act was criminal and the employer liable? This is a legal (criminal negligence) as well as a moral or ethical issue. Google "negligence in the death

    Immanuel Kant's view on the ethical principles of human rights

    Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is one of the most influential philosophers in the history of Western philosophy. His contributions to metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics have had a profound impact on almost every philosophical movement that followed him. However, most of Kant's work on ethics is presented in two works.

    Importance of Peer-Reviewed Journals.

    Understanding the importance of determining the proper literature to review for your research is important. Discuss the importance of employing peer-reviewed journals and the how to determine the difference between relevant literature and irrelevant literature as it pertains to your research.

    Business Ethics Program Benefits

    SUMMARY: The U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines and, more recently, promulgations by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Good Practice Guidance, have called for organizations to develop effective compliance risk mitigation programs and internal safeguards to protect against internal and external thr

    Ethics in the workplace environment

    Some might think that discussing ethical misconduct at work should focus on big issues, such as conflict of interest and corruption. However, this often overlooks how rationalizing small, ethically dubious issues can eventually lead to damaging ethical misconduct. When ethically dubious behavior is seen as unimportant, a culture

    Business Ethics Within an Organization

    Create an example discussion I can use as a guideline: Locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global component. - Create an example discussion post of ethical and moral framework, using the ethics theories. This framework should provide you with a way to evaluate the ethics issue an

    Ethics of Mandatory Fitness in the Workplace

    The topic is about the ethical dilemmas of the institution of a mandatory physical exercise, health and wellness program in the workspace. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? Argument: A mandatory physical exercise, health and wellness program in the workspace will create a more productive and efficient company. Usi

    Enron: Ethical Decision Making

    Creating and evaluating ethics programs is a crucial component of a strong ethical corporate culture. Without a focus on the creation of an ethics program that allows a healthy ethical culture to develop, the ability of individuals to behave ethically is often severely damaged. Understanding a strong ethics program that supports

    How to Dvelop an Ethics Program Checklist

    Creating a strong ethics program requires that our systems and policies build a foundation that can be combined to allow for ethical behavior. The major challenge that managers face is to develop a program that enhances ethical behavior in a consistent and systematic way. When a systematic approach is used to develop and evaluat

    Exercise and wellness in the workplace

    Create a full sentence outline dealing with the Thesis Statement: A mandatory exercise, health and wellness program incorporated into the corporate workforce would increase production and save overall cost of employment. Your outline must be about 1-2 pages. Make sure to include any references, including Ethics for Man

    A Study of the Effectiveness of Performance-based Incentives

    • Use the article attached that addresses the ethical issues associated with performance-based incentive systems. • Analyze the issue and devise an adaptation of the incentive system discussed in the article to increase ethical behavior. o This might mean that you offer an alternative to a strictly sales-based incentive

    Ethical Considerations in Employee Drug Testing

    One of the primary duties of a manager is to oversee and manage an employee's work. More than likely, we have all worked for micro-managers who keep their thumbs on employees. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the managers who do not want to talk at all with employees about what they are doing. These managers are often tro

    Business Ethics

    SUMMARY: Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. said Chinese regulators levied $540,000 in fines and penalties against the direct marketer following a review of the company's sales and promotional practices. The regulators said certain products were permitted for sale in retail stores but weren't registered for the direct-selling channel. Nu


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a theme that we see often in the headlines. Companies that fail to address CSR issues are often demonized, while those that embrace CSR are hailed as strong examples of ethical organizations. Many companies view CSR initiatives as a growth opportunity, not just a regulatory requirement. O

    Enron: key events, was SOX effective, Fortune 500 techniques

    Hi, I am doing research on the company Enron Corporation that want bankrupt back in 2001. I have compiled a few questions of my own that will help me develop information to compose my paper. I am not that familiar with the company and the whole overall scandal that they had going on, so I came here to look for help. I would love

    Tesla Motors Inc.

    SUMMARY: Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk says in a lengthy blog post today that the electric car company is "evaluating judicial remedies" in response to a decision by New Jersey regulators to effectively bar Tesla from selling vehicles directly to consumers in the state. In a post headlined, "To the People of New Je

    Annotated Bibliography Creation

    An annotated bibliography provides you the opportunity to evaluate the sources you plan to use for your final research project. This bibliography contains the following two components: •References (sources). •Brief written evaluation (summary) of each source. Note: Your annotated bibliography must be properly formatte

    Managers and Ethics

    I worked at a small business that used cars in their daily deliveries. To save money, the brothers who owned the business would conduct most of their own maintenance on the vehicles. As a result, they would periodically be involved in doing tune- ups, changing oil, and other such activities. One day, I noticed that the brothers

    Need for Ethics in Business

    Define the market system and the need for ethics in business and distinguish it from the law and concepts of virtue and morality. Also the Insight on ethics in the context of relativism, psychological egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. And expound on the ideas of character ethic, female ethic, human rights

    Business Ethics Opinion/Advice

    As it relates to business ethics, what was the most practical and easily applied lesson/concept you embarked upon? What was the hardest to grasp? What would you recommend to a novice beginner in BE to do in order to be a successful learner? Why?

    Regulations on Business Operations

    Every summer and Christmas vacation for the past four years, I have worked in the maintenance department of a paper company. While working there to help finance my college education, I have been exposed to many questionable practices. One of the most prominent problems is the adherence to safety regulations. OSHA ( Occupational

    Ethics and Online Term Papers

    Term papers on practically every subject imaginable are available on the Internet. Many of those who submit the papers as their own work defend their practice in Various ways: These papers are posted to assist in research in the same way any other resource is posted on the Web and should simply be cited if used; these papers are

    Behavioral Targeting in Ethical Advertising

    I need some help answering questions on ethical advertising: 1. What criteria should one use to distinguish ethical advertising from unethical advertising? Many large firms are investing in Behavioral Targeting i.e., tracking online activities of the target customer (the pages or sites users' visit, the content they view,

    Corrupt Behavior in a Professional Setting

    For this Discussion Board assignment, you are to discuss 2 instances in which you witnessed corrupt behavior in a professional setting. You may discuss a situation that involved a public or private organization (business, not-for-profit, or government office) for which you either were employed, or were a customer. If you have no

    Employer Right to Know

    Inquiring Employers Want to Know The information below is sometimes requested on employment applications, some candidates might view some of it to be private or personal. Which of the following items about an employee might an employer have a legitimate claim to know, and why? A job applicant's social security number

    The Dangers of Ethnocentrism

    Response requires 150 words. Discuss in detail the concept behind ethnocentrism and what other negative dynamics can interfere with workforce productivity? Give examples.

    Cendant Corporation Scandal

    I need some help in conceptualizing these questions on the Cendant Coporation: 1. Briefly summarize the accounting techniques used by Cendant to manipulate financial results. Categorize each technique into one of Schilit's financial shenanigans. 2. Describe the failings of EY with respect to conducting an audit in acc