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Business Ethics

Annotated Bibliography Democracy, Ethics, & Leadership, Blended

See the attachment. Democracy, Ethics, and Leadership, Blended Annotated Bibliography (3 - 5 pages) Annotated Bibliography Prepare an annotated bibliography of 4 -5 articles on ethics. You may narrow down your topic and concentrate on values-based leadership, codes of ethics or creating ethical organization cult

Susan G. Komen Foundation's Code of Ethics

A corporate "code of ethics" includes the standards defined by the corporation to provide behavioral expectations in specific situations. Discuss the major components of the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (refer to

Nestle's baby formula

I am conducting a research paper on the Nestle's baby formula. I have to have 5 pages paper on the case involving both ethical and legal circumstances. I need to discuss the issue presented by the situation as well as argue why or why not the response was appropriate, ethical or legal. What might the company have done better a

Corporations and Failure

Respond to following statements: a corporation is a legal construct with an identity separate and apart from its owner(s). The primary legal advantage to converting one's business from an unincorporated enterprise to the corporate form is the ability to avoid personal liability for the business's financial obligations. Since th

Whistle-Blowing: Justification

In three hundred words and reference required, discuss the following. Davis provides two distinct theories of morally justified whistle-blowing. Which theory do you find more convincing? Why? Appeal to moral theories to support your position.

ABC Costing; Examples from Manufacturing and Hospital Settings

Simpson Brothers Manufacturing Company has been using a traditional overhead allocation method to allocate costs to products since the company began. Although operations have been running fairly smoothly, the owners have been wondering if they should investigate a new method known as ABC costing. Some of the company's products a

Ethical obligations and ADR

1.John Harrison is the owner of Harrison Enterprises, Inc., a small metal fabrication shop located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Andrew Jameson, an employee of Harrison Enterprises, has approached John with a request. Andrew is the proud parent of a newborn son, and he would like to take the next two (2) weeks off from work in or

Ethical Cycle, Conflicts of Interest, Ethical Evaluation

1. List and discuss the decision-making steps in the ethical cycle from a global perspective. 2. Consider your current or previous place of work and complete a short evaluation of the corporate culture. What conclusions can you draw? 3. How do decisions made during the ethical cycle affect corporate culture? 4. What are

Outline for a code of ethics paper

I attached project 7 infomation. Unit IV Outline The Code of Ethics and Evaluation Paper is a significant project for this course. To stay on track, this assignment asks you to create an outline. Please review the Course Project in Unit VII, titled Code of Ethics and Evaluation Paper. An outline is a great way to organize t

Ethical dilemmas for drug companies

Assignment 2: Discussion—Ethics and IPR IPR protect drug companies from others making their products without the expense of investing in research and development. IPR also enable drug companies to recoup research and development (R&D) costs by charging more for a drug than the marginal cost of producing it. One result of

Assignment on Sarbanes Oxley Act

Respond to the following question: How do unethical accounting practices affect internal and external stakeholders? Cite at least one regulation to present the legal perspective. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act contains ten titles or sections. Summarize the major reform principles of any three titles. Select one maj

IABC and IMC Codes of Ethics

Review the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)( ) and the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)( code of ethics. Explain what particular aspect of the codes addresses ethical responsibilities to stakeholders such as employee

An analysis of business ethics

1. Why is it important to study ethics in business, and what is the foundation and history of business ethics and theory? 2. Why were the three ethical examinations established in business ethics? Give examples of them. 3. What are the deontological and teleological frameworks of business ethics? Give examples of them in

Political Campaign Ads and Ethical Issues

Political Campaign Lies Use the link above. Describe the ad very briefly. Identify the ethical issue that you notice in this ad and then discuss why this is ethical (or not).

Code of Ethics for Stakeholders

Review and Discuss how the codes apply the particular aspect of the codes addresses ethical responsibilities to stakeholders such as employees, clients, or the public? formulate into a 400 word essay and use 5 credible sources

Ethical Communication from Organizations

Select a recent case of how one organization communicated with the public about an important issue and respond to the following: Using the Ray Rice incident, Explain if the communication from the NFL and Baltimore Ravens was or was not handled in an ethical manner in 300 words. Why or why not?

Ethical Communication Within an Organization

Analyze the organizations that you may have engaged with and respond to the following: What type of ethical communication issues have you encountered within these organizations? Describe one ethical communication issue and how it was successfully or unsuccessfully resolved.

Code of Ethics in Politics

Conduct an Internet search of media codes and examine the codes of ethics of at least two media organizations such as the American Association of Political Consultants, the Radio and Television News Directors Association, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, or another relevant organization. •What codes of ethics mig

Issues Related to Ethics in Media

Review the article (Link below) and discuss media ethics Analyze the contemporary media ethics case and discuss the writers objectivity. Also, discuss media code of ethics and if the principles a

Environment Ethics

After reading the attached, can you please help me answer the following questions? 1. How would the following environmental ethics evaluate this case? What recommendations would each make? Why? a. anthropocentric b. biocentric c. theocentric 2. What do you think should happen? Why?

International Bribery and "Black Money"

After reading the attached, can you please help me answer the following questions? 1. What should be the elements of a zero-tolerance ethics policy? Are any of these elements missing at Siemens Global? 2. What leadership and followership ethics lessons do you take from this case?

Global Code of Ethics

1. Is there a common morality that peoples of all nations can share? Explain. 2. Which of the global codes best reflects these shared standards and values? Why? 3. If you were to create your own declaration of global ethics, what would you put in it? Why?

Ethical behavior dilemma of family business promotion

Scenario: Jill Jones is a bright 45-year-old woman who is the vice-president of sales in a mid-sized family owned Candy Corporation. She began her career at the company right out of high school, and over the years earned two college degrees while working her way up the organizational ladder. One day, Jill was stunned to l

Utiltiarianism: Organizational Communication

Define utilitarianism. Discuss how utilitarianism might be applied to contemporary organizational communication. Give examples of the results of this application. Format into a one page document that complies with APA style of writing.

Self Disclosure and Ethical Implications

Discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in an interpersonal communication setting. Next, discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in a journalistic setting. Are the implications and results the same? Why or why not?

Business Ethics: Satisficing

1. Which of the following explains the term "satisficing?" Answer Striving to select only the best alternative Following simplified decision rules Selecting the alternative simply because it is the easy way out Selecting the alternative that meets minimum decision criteria 2. Which of the following is a