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    Ethical Behavior Correlations

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    1. In What manner do leaders serve as role models for ethical behavior
    2. How does Caldwell describe ethical stewardship?
    3. What is the correlation between leadership, trustworthiness, and ethical stewardship? ( please give examples )

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    1. In What manner do leaders serve as role models for ethical behavior

    Consider leaders as models for behavioral output that employees (1) relate to on several levels ranging from expertise in business dealings to superior interpersonal skills (good in developing work teams that are functional) - and (2) ethical pillars within the company's organization. In review, the most important element for companies to achieve success deals with their interactions with customers and employees - that hones on ethical position output. Thus, the manner in leadership should reflect an ability to (a) making good and proactive decisions that promotes strong units within departments at the companies (b) ethical behavior in fair applied rules, regulations, and practices.

    For example, the leadership in a financial institution deals with ethical standards to the highest regard due to both the customer's money investment government compliance issues. In the past, the companies that disagreed the two metrics mention (Customers and government) ended in damaging aspect from lower stock value to illegal activity destroying people's lives. Keep in mind, leadership sets the tone in behavior based ...

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    The review into ethical behavior within an organization that reinforces leadership behaviorial output.