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    Johnson & Johnsons Company Culture and Ethics

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    Please read the attached article please assist by: summarize the article, identify the author's intended audience, critique the article, assess how the author addresses business ethics within the workplace, and include your own conclusions on the topic.

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    Johnson & Johnson has been one of the most reputable organizations in the world. Even if they have had some challenges in the past as regards the Tylenol incident in 1982 and 1986, the company had managed to handle the difficulties effectively. With J&J's proven commitment to its Credo and values, the company stands united against all odds that are along the way.
    J&J's CEO Ralph Larsen claims that its Credo has been the "glue that holds our decentralized company together." He further added that the credo was the company's foundation of how it manages its products and the way they project their impact in society.
    For the J&J, their mission statement or their Credo has been their guide for their actions in the way they fulfill their responsibilities to their stakeholders namely, their employees, customers, community and stockholders. The whole J&J family of corporations in the vaiours countries of the world have shared this value system for a long time.
    The Credo history dates back with General Robert Wood Johnson's guiding the family-owned business to become a worldwide corporation. Johnson had a perceptive view that we can all beyond its company's responsibilities to its community and society.
    In 1935, he encouraged his fellow businessmen friends through a pamphlet entitled "Try Reality", to a new industrial philosophy of the corporation having a ...

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    Reality Check - Do Codes Make a Difference?
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    * article critique
    * business ethics in the workplace
    * conclusion

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