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Ethics violation British Petroleum and the Deepwater Horizon

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Request assistance with two questions reference to:

Ethics violation evaluation of n British Petroleum and the Deepwater Horizon.

1) Discuss materials, programs or training that currently exists to educate employees (BP employees) about ethics

2) Make recommendations on how British Petroleum can improve their ethical culture based on the types of issues that employees might encounter.

Please provide reference for any assistance provided

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//The public image of British Petroleum suffered because of the deepwater horizon oil spill. Training, in different forms, is provided to the employees of the company for improving the ethical environment. In this context, the following discussion include description of the material, programs or training in the company for educating the employees about ethics.//

Ethical training to the employees helps in building a better image of the company and, therefore, in deriving higher financial results. The public image of British Petroleum (BP) suffered due to the deepwater horizon oil spill or the BP oil spill. The other names given to the spill are BP oil disaster, Macondo blowout and Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This spill is considered as the biggest accident of the marine nature. The company took the responsibility of the clean up and this was completed to a large extent. There were major negative health effects on the local population due to the oil spill. The company also suffered in financial terms, and it was difficult for the company to receive more contacts. In order to recover from the damaged reputation, BP started putting more emphasis on the best safety measures in the industry and management of risk. The company organized programs to train its employees for the same. In addition to this, training is also provided to the employees of the company regarding the preservation of the environment from pollution. There are programs conducted to train the employees in relation to recuperating the environment from the damage caused due to the deepwater horizon oil spill.

Training is ...

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The expert examines ethics violations for British Petroleum and the Deepwater Horizon. Recommendations are provided. The response addresses the query is posted in 1033 words with APA References.

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