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    Ethical dilemma for zappos.com

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    Choose a positive example from the past ten years of a business organization whose leaders acted ethically when they encountered an ethical dilemma. Select, analyze, and describe the ethical decision making and actions in the organization.

    Submit a 4-page (not including cover page or references) analysis of the ethical situation. Your analysis must include the following:
    An explanation of the ethical framework applied by the organization to make its decision, including support for your analysis from scholarly research
    An examination of both the positive and negative consequences of the decision, including the tradeoffs that the leadership of the organization made in making their decision
    A minimum of five references

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    I have provided you with the background information and the ethical dilemma and some examples of how to complete the assignment. I also provided 4 of the 5 references required. You will want to review the information and then add, based on your experience and knowledge (class notes, class focus) to the assignment. You might want to do some more on the importance of the values list, or the CEO to complete the information. You might also focus a little on the use of Twitter to conduct openness by a company. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask.

    Zappos is an online company that sells clothing and shoes. It began as an online place for people to go to buy shoes, with "the absolute best selection in shoes in terms of brands, styles, color, and widths."(zappos.com, 2015) The company has added to its website since then, clothing and other apparel needs, but it remains an online shoe store. It has partnered with Amazon.com as part of the family, and restructured into companies under the Zappos umbrella to keep customer service as its primary concern. This includes getting the products to the consumer as quickly as possible.
    The company warehouses everything it sells. It does not sell items it does not have on hand in those warehouses. This allows the company to control the shipping and pricing of the items in its online stores. The company, led by Tony Hsieh as CEO, worked for six years without a written ethics and values policy. The CEO modeled the culture of the organization and it worked. However, the employees began to request the values policies be written. Hsieh could have gone on a "traditional retreat" with managers or others to create this document. He could have created it from his own perspective. However, he went to the ...

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    A review of the ethical dilemma for zappos.com's CEO and how he responded.