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    Utilitarian analysis on whether Ford Motor's decision

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    I need to write a paper deciding the best utilitarian analysis on whether Ford Motor's decision to produce the Ford Pinto as it did was ethically justifiable. The paper should needs show an understanding to using a utilitarian approach when evaluating a moral issue. It should clearly describe the action I am evaluating. It should present the various considerations that lead me to make the moral judgment about the action. I need to consider all the consequences of the action and all those affected. The cost benefits aren't necessary.

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    //The utilitarianism is a concept which is applied in assessing that the action taken was morally good or not. In this context, in the following discussion, the utilitarianism concept has been explored with the case study of Pinto model launched by Ford motors.//

    Ford produced a car named Pinto in the year 1971, which proved to be a great success for the company (Ford Pinto Explained 2016). This car outperformed the competition in the market, and the sales of Ford were increased dramatically. Despite the financial success of this model, it has been criticized on the utilitarian grounds. The utilitarian approach seeks to promote the production of the goods in a manner that saves the consumers from harm. According to this approach, a balance of goods over harms is needed to be maintained to be morally good (Sheng, 2012). The concept of utilitarianism helps in deciding whether the particular course of action is morally good or not.

    The ethical issue was involved in the manufacture of Pinto by Ford. Pinto model was tested before the launch in the market to ensure that it meets the standard requirement (Ford Pinto Explained 2016). However, the prototypes of the car tested for quality were found unsuccessful in meeting the standards of the National Highway Traffic Administration. Pinto model of Ford was reported to be prone to the fire risk even in the case of small accidents. This problem in the model raised the question in front of the managers that should they revise the design or continue with the old one (Ford Pinto Explained 2016).

    The management of the company decided to go ahead with the existing design without caring about the consumers' safety. The ...

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