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    Ford Motors: Foundation of Marketing

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    Select one company from Fortune Magazine's current annual list of the top 500 companies (you should be able to find the list by doing a simple online search for "Fortune 500") and look for their mission statement. Using that statement as your focal point, write explaining your impressions of the company, its marketing strategy and business portfolio.

    Incorporate a total of at least five words or terms from the lists at the ends of Chapters 1 and 2 and highlight them by putting in all capital letters, bold, or underline. Does the statement seem to be relevant to you as a consumer? Does it change your impression of the company? What else did you learn by exploring the web site for this company?

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    Ford Motors: Foundation of Marketing

    Ford Motors

    There are a large number of Global companies listed in the Fortune Magazine. Out of all these companies, the selected company is Ford Motors. In America, Ford Motors is an oldest car manufacturer company, which started its operations on June 16, 1903. More than 350,000 workers are working under this organization. Throughout the world, Ford Motors offers wide range of advanced cars or automotive products & services to satisfy the ever growing demand of their consumers, so that it will be easy for company to raise customer satisfaction (Ford Motors Company, 2009).

    As a worldwide leader, it plays a crucial role in the automotive and automotive related industry sector. It not only deals in the automotive industry sector, but also in the newer industries i.e. aerospace, communications and financial services. The company's mission statement reflects that its main target is to continuously develop or amend and add few beneficial features in its products and services, in order to satisfy our customers' needs. This mission statement ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 622 Words, APA Reference