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    Deontological Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics & Virtue Ethics

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    Using one of the three ethical approaches we studied in Module 1-3 (Deontological Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, & Virtue Ethics), describe the ethics of this situation (Ford Company's decision) in the context of the benefits - and the costs in the article in the attached file.

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    As soon as I see Ford and ethics, I automatically know it's the Pinto case! This is the most famous, in-depth ethics case studied throughout colleges across the globe. Here's my opinion:

    In this case, the most widely applied ethical theory is deontological ethics. The reason why is because deontological ethics is based on moral principle - what should be done based on the rules that apply. These rules most often involve laws and regulations, but can also involve widely accepted rules set forth by society and not only by criminal or civil law. In this case, Ford management literally came up with ...

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    This solution provides a very detailed discussion about the Ford Pinto case based on one of the three most common ethical approaches studied in Module 1-3.