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    Walmart:Value System and Professional Ethics

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    After selecting the company "Wal-Mart" that will be the subject of your final paper, complete the introduction portion of the paper. The following areas should be addressed:

    1. Introduction
    - Give an overview of the organization and surrounding events
    - Include underlying causes for the issue as well as what indications were present regarding the problem
    - Describe the behavior being analyzed

    2. Stakeholder Identification
    - Primary and Secondary
    - Empathetic - those who have an interest, but are not affected (government, interest groups, etc)
    - Who knew what and when did they know it?

    The purpose of the response is to analyze the ethics of a company's marketing or business behavior by identifying the major stakeholders and applying key ethical approaches (utilitarian, deontological, and virtue) to the situation, and (2) the ability to draw meaningful conclusions regarding whether or not a company's behavior is ethical.

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    This solution gives an introduction to Walmart, its stakeholders, and analyzes the ethics of its business behavior. Applies key ethical approaches to the situations and evaluates if company's behavior is ethical. Examples and APA formatted references are provided.